School mushroom project


Besides compost production and mushroom growing, our company, Bio-Fungi Ltd focuses on the promotion and increasing mushroom consumption as well.

Uniquely in the Hungary we started in April of 2016 our program called SchoolMushroom which means that we transport to the participating schools a box of mushroom compost Phase 4 with small pins.

Practical training is completed with an educational material which explains mushroom growing in pictures that children understand more. This could be very useful on biology or science lessons.

The aim of School Mushroom Project is that pupils get acquainted with mushroom growing both in theory and in practice at the same time and understand how special the mushroom organism is and also a very fine food as well.

In the 1st half of 2016 there were 15 participating school from Budapest and 3 from Pest county and due to the success we continue the program in the next semesters as well.