Compost production

BF honlap komposztgyartas

Bio-Fungi Ltd. has been producing mushroom compost in larger and larger quantities since 2000. Mushroom growers have for far too long had to cope with the fact that it is difficult to calculate the quality of compost, and by using material of poor quality it is almost impossible to achieve high average yield. Yet, this is not the fault of the compost producers because it is hard to produce good quality compost when the weather plays such a crucial factor as do the characteristics of the raw materials used in production . To achieve consistently high quality compost requires modern technology, and in 2003 our company invested in the research and development of such technology.

This investment had three main aims:

  • to solve the long-term environmental problems associated with compost production.
  • to set up a closed-structure plant where producing good-quality basic material becomes possible at all times
  • to produce 3rd phase spawn-run compost which is gaining in popularity and is thus demanded by more and more growers who, by using this compost, can achieve a higher average yield in a two weeks shorter growing period with lower growing risks

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The result of our investment has led to us opening a world-class compost production facility. At this facility mushroom compost is produced as a result of the complex biological and microbiological processes of mixing raw materials (straw, horse or poultry manure, gypsum and water) The finished product is then injected with mushroom spawn after being heat-treated. To achieve a top quality compost, the preparation of the raw materials takes place on a high-capacity blending, watering and mixing line and then this completely homogenous 1st phase compost is placed on an aerated floor for 3-4 days. In this field, thanks to the continuous computerized air supply through a high-pressure ventilator and a nozzle system built in the floor the ripening processes are prepared in optimal circumstances and carried out in continuous aerob conditions. The final phase takes place in completely closed and ventilated bunkers, which ensures that the final product has a uniform quality independent of the weather. Currently we produce 2500 tones of button mushroom compost in 55 heat treatment tunnels.

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Bio-Fungi Ltd enlarged its activity in 2014 with production of oyster mushroom substrate. For that we use excellent national raw material and mother spawn of successful species which is the base of the successful production for our partners. Our company tries to supply its customers with reliable and competitive oyster mushroom substrate using the experience of several decades in the compost production. Currently we produce 400 tones of oyster mushroom substrate per week.

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Bio-Fungi Ltd was the first company which started to produce organic button mushroom compost and organic oyster mushroom substrate. During the production we fulfill those strict requirements concerning to the organic origin of the raw materials, the processing and production processes , the packaging, storage and transportation. We buy the raw material from bio producers and beside the bio certificate, our mushroom compost can be considered and GMO-free product too.

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