Organic button mushroom compost

BF honlap komposzt csiperke bio

Bio-Fungi Ltd. appeared first on the Hungarian market with certified organic mushroom compost. Our bio button mushroom compost production is controlled and monitored by Bio Garancia Ltd. We undertake the rigorous standards during the manufacture of the product regarding the organic origin of the raw materials, the procession, manufacturing processes, packaging, storage and transport.

Raw materials are purchased by national bio producers and – since Hungary is one of the few European countries where the production of genetically modified crops is not allowed – our mushroom compost can be considered as GMO-free product besides being organic.

During the production of certified organic mushroom compost we have to meet the following criteria and we register them:

  • raw material only from permitted organic source,
  • prohibited the use of pesticides,
  • use of the appropriate quality and regular monitored water
  • use of authorized packaging materials,
  • special maintenance and hygiene standards,
  • proper storage and transportation,
  • strict traceability,
  • education of good manufacturing practice.

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