Mushroom production

gombatermesztes BF

As one of the leading companiesin the mushroom industry in Central and Eastern Europe, Bio-Fungi Ltd.’s Dutch-type computer-controlled mushroom farms ensure that we remain ahead of our competitors in terms of yield and quality. Our automated system maintains ideal conditions for mushroom growth 24 hours a day which is essential in providing our partners with a permanent supply. Currently we supply our national and international partners with 120-130 tons of fresh cultivated mushroom weekly which are mainly  retail chains. In addition to efficiency, we also give attention to harvesting the mushroom heads in different sizes according to the needs of gastronomy and to supplying stores with fresh products.

Besides the traditional white and brown button mushroom we have organic button mushroom, oyster mushroom, shiitake and king oyster mushroom as well. In the cultivation we don’t use chemicals, mushroom isn’t be treated with pesticides.

During the whole year we supply our partners with high quality fresh mushroom. We can offer a wide range of mushroom products for our customers. We also take into account individual requests thus in addition to our existing products we are open to provide different options in terms of both packaging and labeling.

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How we produce?