Research of metabolic markers

The research-development project is based on the investigation of analitical measurement and informatical elaboration of metabolic markers and is aimed to the development of compost production technology. The project is realized in the frame of a consortium:

Consortium Leader: Bio-Fungi Kft.

The development objectives of the project:

  • New Product: database of mushroom compost metabolic markers
  • New Technology: measurement technology of mushroom compost metabolic markers
  • New prototype: data processing panel for measuring the metabolic markers

The novelty of the project is important because the development of the new product, technology and service is based on new technical, scientific research and results.

Our goal is to develop and define metabolic markers with analitical method of gascromatographie – mass spectroscopy (GC-MS)  with that online analysis of microbiological activity in the compost is enabled. With the measurement method we can prove the metabolic products of the harmful and beneficial microorganizations and we use these for marking, i.e. species identification.

With the help of more effective production technology, the quality of the product (muhsroom compost) is getting better. The metabolic marker database, the measurement technology of metabolic markers are competitives on the non-European markets as well.

metabolic markers we can conclude on the necessary intervention with the aid of machine units to have a compost of better quality. With this project enhancing its own competitiveness, Bio-Fungi Kft can maintain its market-leading role and they can also enter into the European and non-European markets. From the implementation of the project, in the maintaining period, it is expected adequate incoming according to the subsidy proportions.

The results of the project is wished to be protected with local use and design patent.

Project Name: Research of analitical measurement and computer processing of metabolic markers to develop the technology of compost production KMR 12-1-2012-0189
Bio-Fungi Kft., 2338 Áporka, Szabadság telep 030/10.

Organisations involved: Nemzeti Kutatási, Fejlesztési és Innovációs Hivatal, 1077 Budapest, Kéthly Anna tér 1. ; 2. emelet