Raw material supply

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Our company uses nearly tens of thousands of tons of straw, which is guaranteed from our own baling. Besides the conventional, we use organic straw as well. We windrow, bale and transport the straw purchased from the farmers. We buy straw up to 150 km radius from Kiskunlacháza. The baling of straw is made by 11 baler vehicles.

Poultry manure
The poultry manure is purchased from farmers at their places and transported by our own vehicles. We work with contract and in compliance with deadlines.

Horse manure
Horse manure required for the production of raw material is delivered from producers by our own vehicles. We can work only with fresh, 1-3 weeks old horse manure because of that we transport the horse manure with the strict order and schedule.

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The following subcontracting works we can undertake up to 100 km radius from our place in Áporka:

  • windrowing
  • baling
  • loading
  • manure transporting
  • manure spreading
  • silo transporting
  • straw transporting


Forms of straw sector are available by clicking here.

Please contact Mr Laszlo PAMUK in case of contracts
(of straw, poultry manure, horse manure, declaration of acceptance, subcontracting):
+36  70 385 4511, laszlo.pamuk [@] biofungi.hu