Did you know that in Hungary 6-7 thousand women are diagnosed with breast cancer and this is the most common tumor disease among them? The disease is the most frequent among women of 50-65 years but unfortunately youngers are also effected, one third of the patients are under 50.

Early detection of the symptoms – by self-examination or screening test – can improve by 30%  can improve the chances of survival. Those breast cancer which is discovered in time can be cured with good chance, so in case of ladies, prevention is very important which means proper nutrition, doing sports, regular, monthly self-examination and over 45 years the annual screening attendance!

You can do a lot for your health if you pay attention nutrition. A research group of City of Hope in California showed that cultivated mushroom contains substances that can reduce the activity of the enzyme aromatase which increase the hormone estrogen. Excessive estrogen production of the body has been shown that increase the risk of breast cancer. Regular consumption of button mushroom – according to the researchers – may help to prevent breast cancer by preventing to increase the level of estrogen in the body.

Cultivated mushrooms are low in calories, contain no fat and cholesterol and high in water and fiber content. They are rich in minerals (selenium, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium) and vitamins (D, vitamin B) and antioxidanst. Furthermore, lactose and gluten-free dieters and diabetics also may be consumed. It is important not peel the mushrooms not to lose valuable nutrients, just clean them under running water quickly. As they are grown in modern conditions it is safe to consume and they are freshly available all year round!

In our activity health awareness and healthy lifestyles play an important role and we would like to raise attention for their importance with our GoPink promotion as well. Joining the fight against breast cancer throughout whole October we pack our button and oyster mushroom products in pink trays. The special packed products are available in Tesco and Aldi stores and after sold each tray we support the work of the Hungarian League Against Cancer with 5 HUF.

Choose the pin tray mushrooms for your health and support the work against breast cancer!