At our farms in Áporka and Ócsa, our primary goal is to protect the health of our employees. To this end, we provide everyone with hand disinfectant and, if required, mouth masks and gloves. From our colleagues exposed to the risk of infection, we sent home those over the age of 65, while those aged 60-65, expectant mothers and chronic patients were provided with comprehensive information about the various hazards and were given the option to decide for themselves whether to continue or not their daily work.

In the case of positions or tasks where it is possible, we provide the option of teleworking and flexible work schedules, and give priority to employees who have young children.

We have suspended foreign business trips and visits, and our colleagues are not allowed to have meetings, business lunches or to receive guests on our premises. The only exceptions from the above rule are our partners, whose services are essential for the continuous operation of our company.

Since we continue to serve our customers both at the compost yard in Áproka, as well as at the mushroom farm in Ócsa, we have decided to establish an entry protocol for our suppliers:

  • Only site personnel and pre-arranged individuals may enter our premises, with the permission of the site managers.
  • At the compost yard in Áporka, external drivers must wear face masks and gloves, and must not leave their vehicles unless absolutely necessary during the pick-up process. Furthermore, they may only use the specially designated restrooms.
  • At the mushroom farm in Ócsa, the suppliers may only enter the site with a face mask and may only approach the logistics office.
  • Our drivers must travel with personal protective equipment (face mask, gloves, disinfectant, disposable protective clothing). They have also been informed about the hazards and proper procedures (adequate distance from other individuals, avoidance of closed spaces and crowds, consumption of home-made food, etc.).
  • Couriers may not enter our premises. The central office must be notified about the arrival of packages.
  • Passenger buses are also not allowed to enter the premises of the mushroom farm in Ócsa. The boarding and unboarding should take place outside the gate.
  • The doors of the workers’ hostel in Ócsa are closed and no foreign visitors are allowed!

In case of any questions, please contact one of the following phone numbers:
Áporka: +36 24 522 600
Ócsa: +36 30 756 8460